Monday, September 5, 2011

ET Item 5: Process Theology

Evolution Theology (ET) has two aspects. The first: like any other field of intelligent inquiry, new insights enter the field and enlarge it in breadth and depth. The second aspect is the fact that Evolution Theology is now developed to the point that it is a field of intelligence and discourse in its own right, because it contains proven self-enlightenment in Divinity Consciousness.

Divinity consciousness is the cumulative body of human insight concerning the “outsideness” of human existence and knowledge, whose content continues to enlarge based on changing contexts and experience. The concept of Trinity, for example, is found in the experience of advanced life forms and basic social structures, including human, that exist as the “thirdness” continuity of parental twoness — father/ mother/ child — family, social unit.

Except for openness of theology to ongoing enlargement, culture loses meaning and effectiveness. For example, Trinity, the threesome consciousness of God, has become dogma-fixated in a way that imprisons divinity in static categories. If however, Trinity is understood more as process than fixed category, human insights can continue to enlarge on Divinity Consciousness in context of open experience.

Godtalkonline keeps open the process of evolving theology by way of enlarging the experience of open WORD-LIGHT-LOVE, categories of Divinity Consciousness, and integrating open experience in the relatedness of the Godly, the natural and the human. Process Theology is inclusive, not exclusive. Everyone participates in the process, in the act of knowledge integration.

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