Friday, October 7, 2011

ET Item7: Equality of Persons

Human beings in common are agents and outcomes of evolution. This is true also in terms of being “religious” agents and outcomes.

As a distinction of interpersonal relationship, religion pertains to moral sense and responsibility. Just as the word religion roots in two (Latin) words, religere (to read, study) and religare (to bind, oblige), and supposes intelligence and obligation, so the distinction of interpersonal relationship supposes intelligence and obligation, gift and task.

“Doing” religion like “doing” theology is equally the prerogative and obligation of every person. Institutions (churches) “do” religion and theology “secondarily;” individual persons do them “primarily.”

Evolution Theology is about owning religious intelligence and obligating moral relationship, not letting them be subsumed by institutions but authenticating institutions by maintaining personal ownership of them.

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