Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(ET) Item 10: Dialogic Evolution

The Aboriginal Mechanisms of PROPHETIC DIALOGUE

In evolutionary nature’s quantum-electric paradigm (i.e., plus/ minus charged electrical energy), the dynamics of divergence, convergence and emergence are at play. Like-electrical charges (plus/ plus, minus/ minus) repel and cause energy divergence (chaos); opposite-electrical charges (plus/ minus) bond (transform); convergent (bonding) transformations set in motion ongoing diversifications and complexly emergent transformations (evolution).

Staticism, centrism and sexism are repellant religious/ cultural fixations (like-charged) that diverge into chaotic dead-ends. Centrism is mono-polar, as is sexism. Diverse life on Earth and the “Trinitarian” nature of the human person witness the com-munity and com-unity of individual life from female/ male originality, emergent plus/ minus energies. Antithetical trinity (staticism-centrism-sexism) negates aboriginal quantum-electricity. Cultural/ religious fixation in centrism and sexism takes religions and cultures to chaotic dead ends. The mass wasting of nature and global internecine violence, now so evident, document the chaotic trajectory of religions and cultures.

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