Saturday, August 6, 2011

ET Item 2: Categories of Closed Thinking

Though the Cosmos unfolds in sustainable patterns, it is not locked in fixed categories — rather it is in constant transformation at its deepest levels by way of wave/particle dynamics.

It is only the small-mindedness of human intelligence that fixes itself in categories of closed thinking — but even these are destined to collapse over time in the determined evolution of self-reflective consciousness.
Institutional religions invest in fixed categories and lose credibility when the deceits of fixations are exposed. Age is no handicap to newness, on the contrary, age is the condition of newness, of death, birth, redemption, resurrection — the way of Evolution Theology (ET).

The schism of cleaving the material from the spiritual, the body from soul, is irrational, counter-intuitive and self-destructive. The presumption that soul and body are distinct and separate realities is a fixated category of misinformed thinking. The self-identity of the human person is mangled by the ill-begotten schism of soul/body. The substance/energy of the Cosmos is the continuity reality of symbiotic evolution.
 Spiritual arrogance toward material nature enables the cultural sin of the corporate exploitation of nature, and ecological wasting. Ecological wasting is at the root of presently occurring economic collapses and global indebtedness. If we abuse the energy/substance of nature, we abuse ourselves. We can stop abusing ourselves by stopping our abuse of nature. Religions need redemption and so do cultures and nature.

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