Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ET Item 3: Sexuality and Theology

Sexuality is the self-reproductive nature of life. Evolution Theology is about relational life, about female/male equivalency in Divinity Consciousness .(See” .Evolution is about the genetics of Earth-life and so is theological/religious consciousness. Sexuality is the root relationship of life and consciousness.

Arguably, the sexual abuse of women and nature is the most urgent "religious" problem of the times. What is sexual abuse? A woman’s answer to this question is probably very different from a man’s. Men are likely to qualify (justify) their answer in the Garden of Eden Mandate, “increase and multiply.” Women, on the other hand might be more nuanced in their answer and see the Second Mandate equally applicable.

The Second Mandate forbids the consumption of the vitality (fruit) of the Middle Tree. The “Tree in the Middle of the Garden” is collectively life’s diverse webs sustaining interdependent nature. Web-life vitality is a condition of human existence; humankind cannot increase and multiply except for life’s co-dependent webs. The excess success of one species — humankind — is destroying sustainable web-life. The specter of African mothers and children walking miles and miles through lifeless ecologies is a warning to global humankind, and a sign of excess humankind destroying self and nature. Male hierarchical putdown of females in religious culture is of-a-piece with abusive consumer exploitation of nature.

Evolution Theology brings to the surface of religious/cultural consciousness the single-most critical issue of the time, what is sexual abuse, the mutual waste of women and nature rooted in the same religious/political justification of male dominant sexual abuse.

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